I’m new to this site and new to this process so please bear with me. I am a self taught knitter and some might say I tend to bite off more than I can chew. In this case they might be right. I need help with knitting lace. If I could learn this pattern I would be on cloud9 .

You need to let us know what problems you’re having as well as what pattern you’re making.

:happydance: Hi and welcome to KH!!
Lace can be tricky just make sure to take your time…and use lifelines…if you need help with a certain pattern just post the pattern and question…and someone will be able to help you :thumbsup:

Welcome to KH! You’ll love it here - lots of help. Good luck with your lace. As with learning most techniques, I think practice is the key. You may want to try some dishcloths with lace patterns just to get the feel of it.