I am a new knitter, and I am excited to learn how to do all kinds of knitting projects.


Welcome to KH!!:cheering:


You came to the right place! Amy’s videos are excellent and the people who post are a teriffic bunch of knitters.


[SIZE=5]Welcome :waving: :waving:
This is a great forum. Amy’s videos taught me everything except CO and GS. Plus everyone here is very friendly and helpful.

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Nadja :knitting:


So, whatcha knittin’?



Welcome! I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. When I first found this site and forum it was just to answer a desperate knitting question, now this forum is a daily e-stop for me. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.


Welcome to KH. This is a great place to learn. Amy’s videos are so helpful.

Welcome!!! :thumbsup::cheering::thumbsup:

Welcome! :waving:

Hi there! :woot:

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!

This is the only place I know where you can watch how to purl at 2 am! Of course, I’D never be knitting at 2 am. I mean, that’d be obsessive, right? And we’re not obsessive here, nope, no siree, not us… :wink:

Bonjour Lamby,

welcome to KH

Welcome!! This is sooooo the right place to be!! If only there were forums like this in other areas of life where every question was answered simply and sweetly!!!

Have fun with your new obsession! You did know it will become an obsession, didn’t you? :lol:

Hello! and welcome to KH.com =D

Hi, Lamby. Welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi Lamby! :waving:

You will feel loved here at KH…:grphug:…and supported!

WELCOME! :muah:

Welcome, lamby!

I am new to this site–however not a new knitter. Have been knitting for 62 years and learn something new whenever I can. Like trying to navigate on the computer. Never too late to learn!