New member here =)

I’ve just got back into knitting recently, thanks to KnittingHelp! Thank goodness I found this place, or I would have no idea what to do :teehee: Bought myself some circular needles today, so I eagerly watched the videos on how to use those…and now I ramble :wink:

I’m definitely still learning, but I ADORE knitting. It’s probably not classed as the ‘cool’ thing to do among my peers (I’m mid-teens), but I love it! Hoping to move on from simple things soon enough, onto more challenging things. Like hats :oops:.

Welcome to the site! :waving:

Welcome!! :waving:

Welcome!! :waving:

Welcome to the forum and the wonderous world of knitting :happydance:

okay if your circular needle is 16 inches (sorry don’t know the CM and i am too lazy to check! :wink: ) you can make hats now. They are super easy to start and your friends will think you are VERY cool once you start wearing your super cool hand made hats. Don’t be surprised if they ask you to make them one…THEN you can teach them how to make them themselves!

sooooooper easy! hats are one of my favorite things to make because they are a quick project and i am a super slow knitter.


Cool! Nice to have you here! I’m a knitting newbie too!

Well here in the states knitting seems to be “the thing” to do for some teens and the college age crowd… So it looks like you’re pretty cool after all :wink:

Welcome! :hug:

Another mid-teener! Awsome high five hehe, it’s sooooo great that knitting’s good for everyone. Now if only we could get the rest of the world to understand…

:cheering: welcome to KH.com =D

Howdy :waving:

i am a mid-teen 2 and i knit and and and…i rock and my friends have me piled with projects and they want anything and everything frome ME because they are hand knit! lol have sooooo much fun knitting!