Welll…I am still knitting!!! Wow last time I changed my password was…2004!!! My time is flying…hope everyone here is doing well…Look forward to chatting, posting and of course knitting…


Good to see you back!

Hiii all members !!

Hi everyone :wave:

Long time, no see. I ran across a very old post of you replying to me is some thread about making a hat.

It all started with trying to read all the “unread” messages (that I haven’t read) on this forum.
It just keeps “waving” the unread number in my face like “a cape” to this OCD bull.

Challenge accepted. (I wonder if there is a badge for this? Doesn’t matter anyway.) :wink:

:smile: :smile: :smile: I do so enjoy your posts! If there is no badge now they should make one and call it the OffJumpsJack badge in your honor.

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