I’ve been lurking around for awhile. I heard of this site from Little Turtle Knits. The videos are great!!! I have just gotten back into knitting and I cannot get enough. I have made a sweater vest for my older son and several “Simple Baby Bibs” for my little one. These will be great for baby showers. I have learned so much from this forum.

Welcome to the board Lindsey! Come on in the water’s fine!

I found this site to be such a big help, especially as a self-taught knitter. The videos are so great to be able to see if I’m actually doing things the right way! Sometimes I was, sometimes I wasn’t!

So tell us a little more about yourself? Know any good jokes?!

Welcome to the board! Everyone here is so nice. Careful though, it gets addicting to come here. :lol:

Welcome!!! You’ll love it here!

Isnt THAT the truth???

Welcome! :waving:

Oh totally agree. I’m hooked. My hubby thought I had an online lover!!! :rofling: :rofling: :rofling: I’m pretty sure he was kidding but you never know,I do come here every night after he’s in bed. :?eyebrow: ~Brooke

And Hello, BTW. This really is a great place to ‘hang out’.

Welcome Lindsay!!

This is a great forum and I’ve learned so much from everyone here. Now I just need to watch a few more videos and expand on my skills :smiley:

hello & welcome…I’m sure that u will love this place, just like the rest of us!..no truer words were ever spoken tho…it is addicting!!
have fun…looking forward to getting to know u

Welcome. Addicting site :thumbsup: This is the best knitting site there is :cheering:

My Granddaughters name is Lindsey also. :heart: Her last name starts with H also. Your name caught my eye…

Happy knitting :XX:

Welcome Lindsey!

That’s a good one Brooke. :wink: te he