Hi there... new girl post

Hello. I’m new here and just thought I’d say hi. I’m a new knitter, been crocheting for more years than I care to admit. But I’m determined to learn knitting. I’ll probably have a bunch of questions and spend hours watching videos.

I’m a busy mom with four kids, learning to knit with a 7 week old baby sleeping on my lap. Great hubby that indulges my hobbies and stay at home mommy for right now. I have a 7 year old boy and twin 4 year old girls. I like a challenge and knitting is my newest one. I have a tendency to push myself quickly as I get bored rather fast. Can’t wait to meet you all soon.


:waving: hey hey hey, Tammy!!!
My goodness…4 kids; 7 yr old, 4 yr old twins & 7 wk old baby…I should say that you love challenges, my new friend :wink:
My name is Rebecca and I have been knitting a bit over a year and I’m sure that you are going to find knitting to be just as rewarding and fun as the rest of us!
If you need help…YELL…someone will be around & more than willing to lend a hand :smiley:
I am very, very :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: happy to say welcome to KH and a new knitting buddy :wink:

I said hi when I answered your other post, but I’ll say hi again. Four children and still have time to knit. Good for you. We have another regular here, koolbreeze, who also has 4, one of whom is a baby. She knits, dyes, makes her own needles, etc.

I don’t know how you guys do it! :smiley:

I don’t know as if I could do all the dying and making of needles, I break there. I’ll let Wal-mart and Michaels give me a hand in that department! I can’t wait to talk to her, though, as it sounds like we’d have something in common! I found that not wanting to wake the baby is a good excuse to sit down and work on a project. :angelgrin: Thanks for the warm welcome.

Welcome, Tammy!! :waving: Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Don’t know how you find the time with four little ones in the house. :shock:

Hey Tammy!

We are in the same boat. i have an almost 7 yo boy, 4yo girl, almost 3 yo girl, and a 10 week old girl!!! and i stay home and my husband caters to all my hobbies!!! i’m the one Ingrid was talking about! ( :heart: thanks Ingrid) i love that gal! shes the coolest!
I like trying new things thats why i tried dyeing and making my needles. its fun!

anyway nice to meet you! hope to see you around. :waving:

Nice to meet you, Tammy! Congrats on your wee girl. Pictures? I love newborn pictures.

HEY EVERYONE! We have someone to knit those Wiz of Oz booties for now! :happydance: Tammy, do you need some booties for your wee one?

Welcome to the forum, we’re very glad to have you.


:smiley: welcome, Tammy! :smiley:

:waving: Welcome Tammy!

Yes…pics are MANDATORY here! :rofling:

Psst! Tammy! Be careful–Kelly will want to bite the baby!!