Hi there need some help

Am making a second sweater wit a rolled neck , first one I made the neck was too small for my granddaughter ( I opened side seams to make it bigger)
My question how’s to change the neck size the rest of the sweater is perfect it’s a Gina-Michelle
Beginner baby sweater ribbed cuffs and roll neck . I thought if I just knit fewer on the edge and slip more in the middle it would work but worried about how it will count out thanks ! I’m new at all of this !!!

You want the shoulders on the back and front to be the same width so they’ll seam nicely. You could bind off the front of the neck a few rows earlier and even do something similar at the back. The roll neck will fill in the opening a bit so although it may look rather large, once the collar is in it should be ok.

Thank you I’ll give it a shot ! Worse think that could happen is I rip it out ! Thanks again !

You can always put in a lifeline to make it easier to pick up sts just in case you need to rip back.