Hi there, my name is Christine

I am knitting a baby blanket, the pattern says cast on three sts
1st row Yfwd knit 3
2nd row Yfwd etc
I know what Yfwd means, but i cannot get my mind around this one, how do i yarn fwd when i am starting a row and havent even knitted a stitch

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I had to do that as well (for the first time) the other day for a triangle scarf and also found the concept very weird at first.

Basically they ask you to add a stitch with a yfwd. It gives a loopy kind of border.

Have a look at this video, it’s easier to watch than to try and explain for me :+1: :smiley:

Yfwd as increase

Happy knitting

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Hi there thanks so much for the link, Haha easy when you know or get your head around it in my case

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Hi, it’s a big pleasure :+1:
Lol yes it’s one of those things that’s actually real easy when you know how to, but sounds crazy or impossible at first :joy:

Kind regards