Hi! Remember me? (and 2 questions @ the end)

Hi there, all. I’ve not been here in quite some time - maybe 2 months?? I found out I was pregnant about 11 weeks ago and shortly thereafter had to stop knitting because it was making me ill every time I picked it up. I ended up taking a break from here because it was too hard to read about knitting when I couldn’t physically do it. :frowning: I’m 18 weeks today.

I found out just over a week ago that I can knit again!!! I kept trying, but kept getting sick until I tried last Thursday. Now I’m just finishing up a baby afghan. :cheering: I am so very happy about it!!! It was so heartbreaking that I actually packed up my entire stash so I wouldn’t have to look at the yarn anymore. :o

I do have a question for you, ladies & gents. I found a cute onesie pattern that I want to knit that calls for 1800 yds of worsted weight yarn. I would like something that is uber soft, but not really expensive. In fact, I just got a gift certificate to Joann’s for my birthday so if it’s something I could get there even better. I did find one yarn that I liked but it was sport weight & I don’t know how to alter the pattern to fit that. WOuld using 2 strands together make it worsted thickness?

:cheering: Congratulations! So glad to hear you can knit again. Two strands of sport should be about the equivalent of one strand of worsted, but you’ll need to swatch to make sure. Good luck!

Glad to hear you’re back knitting - that must have been really difficult for you.

As for the onsie, Caron Simply Soft acrylic is wonderfully soft, and being acrylic is easy to care for. Might give it a shot. :thumbsup:

i agree w/ miccusue on the Caron SS, its very soft and my favorite acrylic by far :thumbsup: (plus, you know u won’t feel like handwashing anything once u have the baby :teehee: )

congrats on being pregnant~! :cheering:

I agree though… try double stranding your yarn. Somone else suggested that on the board and I have bought less expensive yarn and doubled it and got a nice size project completed.

oh, and don’t forget if u double strand that means u need 3600 yds of yarn

Hey knit addict–welcome back! I agree with the others about Caron Simply Soft but I have to say that the absolute softest acrylic yarn I’ve ever felt is Called Fantasy and it’s made by Dark Horse Yarns. It’s not carried at Joann’s but if nothing else, it’s worth a stroke and a squeeze sometime if you can find somewhere near you that sells it. There is a LYS here in Atlanta that is beyond snooty and one time when I was there, the manager told me that they originally refused to carry acrylic yarn but then eventually realized that it does have it’s place in the yarn world. She said they vowed to carry the softest they could find and this was it. I bought a few skeins from them but have never used it so I can’t attest to how it holds up,…I can say it’s the absolute softest acrylic I’ve ever touched–it’s actually 50% nylon and 50% acrylic but it’s machine washable–you just have to let it air dry flat. Here is their website and this is an online retailer that carries it.

I really can’t imagine 1800 yds in a baby’s onesie, even in fingering yarn!


Welcome back! Congrats on both being pregnant and being able to knit again, that’s very exciting! :cheering:

I felt the yarn that Cristy is talking about! It is nice. :slight_smile:

Plymouth Dreambaby DK is another really nice yarn.

I really can’t imagine 1800 yds in a baby’s onesie, even in fingering yarn!

It’s technically not really a onesie. It’s a little outfity kind of thing that’s a star. lol I believe I found it on the Lion Brand website, but my old laptop died on Sunday so I’ve lost the link. I’ll have to search for it again.

Caron Baby SS was the yarn I was thinking of. I didn’t even think of using regular Caron SS!! I’m going to Joann’s Friday so I think I’ll grab some then.

Thanks, ladies!!!