Hi new user, new knitter, with some questions!

Hi all! I am very new to knitting (just started two days ago!). My 1.5 year old Son, who has amazing Great Aunts who hand make him various things, has become a little spoiled and will not use any blankets unless they are hand knitted! Lol. So, being that its winter, i now need to learn how to knit. So far i am loving it, but i am overwhelmed by how much information is on the web and am having trouble sifting through it to find my answers. Id love it if you fine folks could help me.

I’m trying to find how to do the stitch in the first photo, this is the only blanket he will use. Can anyone let me know the name of the stitch?

The second photo, is the work I’ve done that i think I’m going to unravel. I bought 5 yarn balls and one only gave me 2.5 inches. I feel this is a lot. My question, if i use a larger needle (currently using #10) will this use less yarn (my finished product id like to be 3 X 3 feet). I also feel that its too tight, id like it to breath a bit more like the blue blankie. I used just a knit stitch, since it was all i could do lol. I need something REALLY easy and for the most part the same stitch throughout.

Sorry about the novel! And thanks in advanced, i appreciate any help!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
That’s certainly an interesting stitch in the blanket. It might be a variation on the texture stitch in which the 2 row pattern is offset by one stitch on every other repeat of the 2 row pattern:

What yarn are you using for the second photo? Going to a larger needle will make it lighter and as will changing to another stitch. All knit rows (like all purl rows) will give you garter stitch which is denser than some other stitch patterns.

I am using the below yarn, its the same as the one that was knitted for him.


Using that yarn, and #10 needle can i do this pattern?

It seems easy enough, i googled yarn over, knit 2 and it seems easy enough. The other patterns seem so overwhelming.

You can give it a try. My concern is that the k2together may be a little bulky in this yarn. The best way to tell (and to practice the stitch pattern) is to make a swatch. That will help you determine what size needle to use for the looseness of fabric that you’d like.
I found this pattern which would work with your yarn for both the blanket and the edging. You don’t necessarily even have to do the edging. Since it’s knit with 4 x 60yds of the main yarn, you should have enough. Also note that it’s knit with size 15 needles which will lighten and loosen up the fabric.

That’s a great pattern! Ill head to the craft shop, Friday and get bigger needles. Ill need to make the blankie bigger though, my Son is big, im not sure 26 inch will be big enough. Maybe ill buy some thinner yarn as well and test out different things. Seems i just went gung ho and started without even looking for a pattern Lol.

Thank you sooooo much! Your a big help.

I would like to recommend that if you run out of yarn in the middle of your blanket, you can always buy more of the same type but in a SOLID color to match!!

So you would have part of it in the multi-colored yarn and part of it in a matching solid color. I wouldn’t worry too much about running out of yarn.

hth, knitcindy