Hi! New to this site and to knitting!

Hi There!

For Christmas a friend bought me some yarn and a “self-teaching” knitting book with some needles!

I’ve watched knittinghelp.com’s “how to do a log tail cast on” and I have that down! WOOHOO!

Now? I’m stuck. I’ve watch the videos on here, on youtube, I have even Skyped with a dear friend who knits… and no go.

I’m using size 8 needles and the yarn is Hobby Lobby’s house yarn (Yarn Bee). I’ve also used Big Red Heart. But alas… I’m stuck.

I’ve joined Raverly.com, and joined a local (to me) group. They are having a meet-up next week, and I RSVPed to go, so that maybe someone could show me–in person–WTF to do…

Sometimes, nothing beats having someone sit down and show you how to do something. You have your own captive video right there and it fun to knit in a group. Let us know how it’s going and if further problems come up, you know where to ask.

So let me rephrase your question, your problem: you have successfully cast on your stitches, but now you’re “stuck” about what comes next.

If this is where you’re “stuck”…with your cast on stitches, here’s what comes next: put that needle in your left hand, and use the other (bare) needle in your right hand and begin to “knit” the cast-on stitches, which moves them one-by-one from that left needle to the right needle.

When all the left hand needle cast on stitches have been knit and are now sitting on the right needle, put the right needle with all the new knits into your left hand…and use the new ‘bare’ needle in your right hand and begin the process all over again.

If I have wrongly interpreted your question, please clarify how you’re “stuck”. We want to be helpful here at Knitting Help!

If you’re not sure how to continue after casting on, look at the Demo of a Small Project video. It shows CO, working a few rows and casting off, so you get an idea how all the steps go together.

ArtLady: yep, that’s my problem/question :slight_smile: after casting on, I get stuck.

I’ve watched the “small project” video… The lady that does these videos is AWESOME! But after she does the cast on… I’m done for! I almost feel like my yarn and needles don’t mesh well with each other (which I think was talked about on the newb facts?)… The needles are metal, and the yarn is typical cheap synthetic yarn—any thoughts about this?

I apologize for the “newb” word… My iPhone keyboard won’t let me use “I” for some reason!

The materials may not make too much difference. After you cast on put the needle with your stitches in your left hand, take the empty needle in the right and insert the tip of it into the first st on the other needle. Wrap the yarn around and pull it through. The Knit stitch videos can be stopped and backed up so you can see the movements. This is presuming you’re a right handed knitter and it, doesn’t matter if you hold the yarn in the right or left hand, the stitches are made pretty much the same way.

Just keep trying. Eventually that first stitch will happen, it did for me and many others. Learning how to keep the yarn on the tip of the right needle as I took it back through the stitch was challenging enough, keeping the stitch on the left needle while I did it was even more so. Then, after working so hard to keep it one there, I’m supposed to push it off the end on purpose? :zombie: Hang in there, it’ll happen.

W happy she was.

My students (Friday night Knitting 101 class) all did better with Clover Takumi bamboo needles. One of the students had learned to knit a hundred years ago, but her tension and control of her stitches was always her bane, downfall…and led her to give up. (she had learned to knit way back then with 14" metal straight needles, btw)

This time 'round, she was using Clover bamboo needles because that was on my Class Materials list. I specifically recommended wood or bamboo.

Her tension and stitch control was PERFECTION, and I can’t tell you how happy she was!

If possible, I recommend that you change to bamboo needles. They are very inexpensive, and available at local craft stores, or even Amazon! Clover brand is good, as well as the KP brand.

I don’t think the problem is your inexpensive yarn. I think it’s totally the metal needles causing the disharmony.

I applaud you for being able to ‘self-teach’ using our videos for the long-tail cast on! That shows that you have a great natural ability to learn knitting! Don’t give up on yourself! I have high hopes for you! :yay:

Ok! I have some errands to run tomorrow; as long as we don’t get more disgusting white crap, I’ll run to Hobby Lobby to get some bamboo needles!

Thank you for the encouragement! :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome! :hug:

Keep me posted!

ArtLady: I bought some Clover Bamboo needles off of Amazon today, so I should, hopefully! have them by friday/saturday! :slight_smile:

I bought a pair of US15 Clover bamboo straights from Amazon on Dec 26, and even with the holiday, my needles delivered Jan 4!

The pair of KA brand bamboo US15 arrived Dec 29! Just 3 days! Wow!

But I was happy either way!

I’m excited for you! You’ll be amazed how much easier it will be to control your yarn and stitches! :thumbsup: