Hi, new to knitting!

Actually I haven’t even started yet, lol! I am going out today to get my first set of needles and yarn. I was just wondering what you guys would suggest for my first time. I just plan on knitting a scarf at first. Also, could someone explain how to read those patterns? I don’t really understand the terminology at all :shrug: I’d like to be able to work up to making little sweaters for my dog and since I plan on being pregnant sometime this year I’d also like to be able to make little sweaters and hats for the new baby. I was looking around the site and I LOVE that poncho that someone made and would like to make one for my daughter. Anyway, thanks for any advice that comes my way.

Hi there. I think that you should start with a few swatches before you jump into a project. Cast on about 30 stitches and plan to make about 4-5 inches of knitting. first, a garter stitch swatch. This is all knit stitches. Then, a stockinette swatch. Knit 1 row, purl 1 row. Then try a ribbed swatch (cast on a multiple of 4 for this). Knit 2, Purl 2 across the row (end with purling). Turn work, and do the same…Knit 2, Purl 2. When you are confident with all of the stitches, try a scarf in ribbing.

Hi! As far as reading patterns, this site is great for that! Check out this page for a full list of abbreviations–many have videos to show you how to do what the pattern is asking, too. Good luck!

Chrissie’s suggestion is a good one, but you can make a sampler with that 30 sts - first do some rows in garter stitch, then in stockinette, then ribbing (both k1, p1 and k2,p2) - they don’t have to be in separate swatches.


good advice suzie Q
make a scarf using a different pattern for 20 rows each
I made neck warmers, using a needle too big for guage
knitting about 30 or so stitches to the width
then stopping after about the same number of inches (20-30)

then seaming up the edge
works as a hat, a scarf, a hood

it was a way to start

it was fun, and my family forgave me for the gifts if they were offended