Hi new here and stuck on my first project.....

Hi everyone I’m new to knitting and decided my first project would be a teacosy. I’ve managed to successfully complete about 30 rows, now i’m stuck.
Could you explain to me what this instruction means please?

Next row (K2, K2tog) to last st, K1 - 19sts

There are 25 stiches in each row

Welcome to KH!
You’re going to decrease around the top of the cozy. This is similar to the decreases at the top of a hat.
Repeat the directions in parentheses around the hat and then knit the last stitch. That’s k2 k2tog, k2, k2tog, k2, k2tog etc. to the last stitch, then k1.

Thanks for the welcome and the reply. I kind of jumped straight in there didn’t I. haha

I think I read the last of the instructions wrong. This is them in full.

Next row (K2, K2tog) to last st, K1 - 19sts.

St st 5 rows.

Eyelet Row - K1, (Yf, K2tog, K1) to end.

St st 3 rows.

Cast Off.

The eyelet row? Your pattern should define Y1 but since it’s an eyelet row it’s likely to be a yarn over. K1 and then repeat the directions within the parentheses to the end of the row. So Y1, k2tog, k1, y1, k2tog, k1, etc.

What is the name of the pattern?

The pattern is online, it’s called, flower%20garden%20tea%20cosy Justjen’s Flower Garden Tea Cosy

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Actually, it was YF but yes it should be defined it.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: These Millennials shorten everything. lol :smile:

You say YO, they say YF[w], “Ah yes, [we communicate] it well”
(not quite as lyrical as that old old song that it comes from.) :smirk:

That YO would go well with the yellow drawstring closure.
(But you didn’t have the pattern name or image to look at.)

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Anyway, welcome to the forum.

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Ah, yes…
Many thanks once again, Jack!