Hi my name is Gloria and I am a new member

I am knitting slippers for the first time and having a difficult time. My directions say to use double pointed kneedles and do not work in the round. My work is on three double pointed kneedles and I do not know if I am supposed to cut my yarn and work the kneedles back and forth, I don’t know how to keep it together. If someone out there can help I would truly appreciate it. Our knitting group doesn’t get together until Friday and today is Monday. Thanks.

Hi Gloria, welcome!

If you’re using a pattern that’s available free online, it would be helpful if you could post a link. That would make it easier to help you. :slight_smile:

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As the whole point of DPNs is to work in the round I’m a bit confused. I’d also like to see the pattern instructions.

The book i got pattern from is called Patons. www.patonsyarns.com
The pattern is called textured slippers. Help!

You use dpns but you don’t join in the round…odd. :?? Maybe you’re just supposed to knit like normal…just knit from your last cast on stitch? Hmmm. Yeah, if you could post a link to the pattern you’re knitting, that’d be totally awesome, and hopefully we can help you out some more. Btw, welcome to KH!! :hug:

Being this isn’t a free pattern you’ll need to post the portion of the patt that’s confusing you.

Ok, here goes. After I have done all I wind up with 17 sts. Break yarn. Leave sts on needle. With rs of work facing and 1st dpn pick up and knit 16 sts up right side of triange. With 2nd dpn k17 from left hand needle. ?? With 3rd dpn pickup and knit 16 sts down left side of triangle. 49 sts. Turn. Do not join in rnd. Working back and forth across all 3 needles, proceed as follows. The rest I can follow. What do you think?

Was the previous part knit in the round on dpns? Or is this section curved, and therefor you can’t put it on straights? It sounds like you’re supposed to knit as though on straights, but with the stitches broken up on several dpns. I don’t know why, though. Assuming that’s right, I would put the stitches on the 3 dpns, then knit across one with a 4th dpn. When you get to the end of the 1st dpn, take the one that is now empty and use it to knit across the 2nd dpn. Then do the same with the 3rd. Then turn your work around and go back the other way, in the same way. Sounds needlessly confusing to me, though.

Hi, thanks for your help. No the first part was very easy. Done on straight needles. I wound up with a little triangle on one straight needle. 17 sts. The next part of the pattern is what is confusing to me. I never knitted socks or slippers before. None of it makes sense to me. It sounds like I should be straight knitting. But do I keep all attached to one strand of yarn. I do not get it.

I have no clue, sorry. Maybe if I could see the rest of the pattern, I could make sense of it. You can’t really post the whole pattern because of copyright laws, though. Maybe someone else on the board has the book and can help you? Sorry I can’t be more help!

I can’t say I understand all they want you to do, but I would think you treat it as a straight needle, keeping your yarn going without cutting.:shrug:

Yes I agree. Because of the curve maybe, it would get too tight to manuever on straight needles. If you have a circular needle the same size, you might try it. Or it’s on dpns because maybe later you will continue knitting on 1 or 2 of the needles, but not the other. Read ahead in the pattern and maybe it will make more sense.

Welcome to Knitting Help, Gloria! It sounds to me like you are supposed to knit something of a U shape or a horseshoe shape. It might be that you have to increase or decrease in the corners and that’s why they tell you to use the DPNs, to make it easier to keep track of where your increases or decreases are. (I hope it makes sense, I am just throwing out ideas here. :???: )

I’m having a little trouble picturing it, but if I have it right, they are using the dpns to take your flat triangle and make it three-dimensional with one open side. If you’re building off the sides of the triangle you’ve knit, you’ll need the dpns because you can’t bend your straights. I’m going to see if I can find a picture of the pattern and I’ll be back.

My mom has this pattern booklet- I’m going to pick it up from her this afternoon and I’ll try to get on tonight and see if I can help you more. :slight_smile:

Here’s a picture of them:

With that seam along the top, it does look possible that you’d knit a 3-sided piece and then sew it up at some point.

Gloria, do you still need help with this? I have the pattern booklet now, so I have a better idea what’s going on. Basically, up to this point you have knit a stockinette triangle. You started at the point (bottom) and you end up at this point with your needle in the live stitches at the top of the (upside down) triangle, opposite from the point where you started. Now you will break your yarn and start over at the point, picking up stitches along the right side of the triangle, then knitting across the live stitches at the top, then picking up stitches along the left side so that you end up back at the point where you started. Then if you pretend that the original triangle is a ‘floor’, you’re going to be knitting 3 walls that go up from the three sides of the triangle floor. But you don’t join the round at the point, you just turn around and knit back the other way. There are ‘corners’ at the points of the triangle, and straight needles can’t bend around corners- hence the need for the dpn’s.

I hope that makes some kind of sense. Sometimes with knitting you just have to follow the directions even though you can’t see where the heck they’re going. :slight_smile: