Hi! Mama Bear's Daughter Here


My mother (Mama Bear) said I would like it here, so I thought I’d come join :mrgreen:.

Knitting has rapidly taken over my life… It’s actually a little scary just how fast it did that :oo: . I’ve been knitting for about a year and a half, and I feel pretty comfortable with most techinques. My biggest problem is neglecting to finish the ‘other sock’… I did manage to get a pair of pomatomus socks finished, but even the double-knit ones I ‘gave’ my dad for Christmas is still lonely for it’s soul mate (cough umm… no pun intended). Guess it’s knitting ADD or something.

Thanks ya’ll for letting me join :mrgreen: . And thanks Amy for creating such a neat site!!

Welcome! :waving:

Hello :waving: Welcome!

Check out this site http://socknitters.com/2circs/, and you will never have a lone sock again.

Hello and welcome!!

Hi back and welcome to KH. You’re mother is right, you’ll love it here. Try that Socknitters link Freyja gave you. I printed out those instructions-all 32 pages-and want to give it a try too, just for the reasons you posted.

Knitting ADD? :roflhard:

:waving: Hey, and welcome to KH!! Your polygamous knitting mom is so right (and so cool…u have a great mom :wink: ), you will enjoy it here…face it…we’re all wonderful people :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling: …at least we try hard :wink:
AHHHHH, the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome…I had it when I did my 1st socks, too, I then started knitting both socks in tandem on my dpns (2 sets going @ once); then, oddly enough, when I started knitting socks on 2 circs, I started knitting them one at a time :rollseyes: BUT, the link that Freyja gave you is great!!!
Looking forward to getting to know you :thumbsup:

Welcome!!! :waving:

:cheering: welcome to KH!! Nice to see a daughter here =D

Thanks ya’ll for the warm welcome!! :mrgreen: .

Thanks for the link Freyja! I’ll be sure to check it out :smiley:

Yeah, I finally got old enough to realize how cool she was :wink: . Though even during my worst ‘teenage years’ she wasn’t so bad, so that must really mean she’s cool :wink: .


Welcome along! :waving: