Hi, Maggie Ames here

I’ve been on this site before but not for long…now I’m going to be on here everyday…I love this site! OTN…prayer shawl for my mom. She just went into a nursing home…a shawl for me and a coat for me…

I live in Pittsburgh, PA…have two grown sons and also have multiple sclerosis…Celine is one of my friends…

Maggie :heart:

Welcome to the forum! :cheering: :cheering:

Welcome, I’ve only been knitting about 2 mos. This site is just the best!

Welcome! :waving:

Wazzup? I’m sure you’ll just love it here :woohoo:

:waving: Hiya! Welcome.

Welcome! Don’t worry, we have tons of KH addicts up in these parts…

HI Maggie, :hug: so nice to see you here. I am on here MANY many times during the day and night!! I’ve learned a lot just by reading the posts and asking questions. Take Care.

welcome to KH! =D

Welcome, Maggie!! :waving:


:blooby: Welcome to the forum!!!

Hi!! :waving: