Hi, just joined

I just found this site and immediately found exactly what I was looking for, the discussion on interchangeable needles. I’m looking to buy it right now.

People call me “Lu”. I love having knitting in progress at all times. Today I had a wonderful encounter with a 4-year old at a car dealership who was very interested in my knitting, and I tried to give her a taste of it. She’s too young yet, but I hope I helped interest a future knitter of America. I gave her a couple of my stitch holders, they look like little socks and she thought they were cute.

I live north of Houston, TX and have always loved knitting, I have pics of myself knitting at 10, even though I had no one to teach me and no hope of doing more than making little squares. :teehee:

I’ve made a few easy ponchos now, and am working on my 2nd dog sweater. I’m hoping to make a cable sweater for my husband by next Christmas. Even though he’s not a sweater wearer and our winters are pretty mild.

I knit Continental style but am right-handed, I hear most are left-handed.

My other love is dogs, especially of the Shih Tzu variety, but I’ll take a dog kiss from any breed. :slight_smile: I volunteer with animal rescues and have been a foster parent for a Shih Tzu/ Lhasa Apso Rescue. I work on other rescues’ web sites as well as some official U.S. Marine web sites free of charge.

I am addicted to good forums, so hopefully you won’t get sick of me!


Welcome! This is the BEST forum, so be prepared to spend lots of time!


I just found this site a short time ago myself and have already found an invaluable amount of help and warmth from the people on this forum.

I love this place!!

Wanda be Knitting (all the time)


The people here are lovely! You’ll have fun here!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I also live in Houston (NW). Welcome to the forum. :cheering: :cheering:


Prepare to live your life either a) checking this forum b) posting to the forum c) thinking about posting to the forum d) wishing you were reading/posting to the forum or e) knitting. In that order…


Hi Lu! Welcome! I’m also a new member, and you will absolutely love it here! Everyone is soo nice and helpful! :hug:

Welcome to your new addiction! :teehee: :cheering:

Welcome! :cheering:
This is a great site!

I’m a left-handed continental knitter, but I knit ‘true left’. Left to right with my working needle in the left hand.

From what I hear from friends in Houston, you could have almost used a cabled sweater these last few weeks! :wink:

Welcome to KH!! :mrgreen:

Welcome Lu! The people on this forum are FABULOUS!!!

Prepare to live your life either a) checking this forum b) posting to the forum c) thinking about posting to the forum d) wishing you were reading/posting to the forum or e) knitting. In that order…

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

This is soooo true!!! I’m a mom and wife, work 30 hours per week, go to college (online, if you can believe that), and do whatever else I have to do. But this forum…now that’s my OTHER life!

Again, welcome!! Go ahead and invest in a really comfortable hiney cushion, cause you’re surely gonna need it with all the time you spend here! :teehee:

Welcome! This is the friendliest forum on the Web.

Velcome, Velcome, Velcome To KH~!

FEEL THE LOVE~!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Welcome to the forum! I love the picture of your dog!

Thank you all! You make me feel sooooo welcome! I’ll post a couple of cute doggie pics with sweaters I made as soon as I have some time. Now I have 2 forums I am addicted to, and this one looks just like the other, so if you think my signature is weird at times, it’s because I have forgotten which one I’m on. :teehee:

Pink Dandelion I love the lucybug thing, I might do it, I’ve been wanting to get into doing chemocaps but that looks like a wonderful thing to do also.

It is DANG cold down here, I wish I had all my Canadian sweaters back with me (I lived there for 5 years)…I’m telling you it’s COLDER here because of the humidity! If you think I’m kidding, I’m NOT!!! A Canadian and a recent visitor to NE verified my suspicions! IT’S COLD Y’ALL!!!

The dog is mine, that’s my Cricket. She’s adorable! You can see some pics of my other dogs and/or fosters at http://www.flickr.com/photos/17434239@N00/. I volunteer with www.shihtzu-rescue.com among others.


Auburnchick, I came back to read my first post and saw this one of yours. You were SOOOOOOOOOOOO right! :eyebrow:

I LOVE this forum and my new addiction! :teehee: You can tell by the number of posts I already have that I AM indeed living just as you described! It’s a wonder I have time to do anything else in life! :rofl:

Welcome Lu!

Welcome Lu. :thumbsup: