Hi. Just getting back into knitting


Thanks for letting me join your forum.
I’m just getting back into knitting off with very long break.


Welcome to KH.

And welcome back to Knitting!


Hello there! :blush:


I’m looking into doing a new project.
I’ve knitted baby cardigans before with some patterns in… Moss stitch.
Just going to start off small but this time use better quality wool.
Are you mostly bamboo needle knitters or both?


I use the Lykke driftwood circular needles for most of my projects. They’re the larger set of interchangeable.


I use metal circulars; mostly Knit Picks interchangeables.
I Knit Continental, and crochet.

There are a variety of knitting styles, interests, techniques, and needle types and sources represented on this forum.


I recently bought the Chiaogoo 5 inch complete set and then some additional tips for socks. I LOVE them. I have the surgical steel ones.


It’s personal preference. Your choice. What works for you. I went through phases. Wood to Addi metal to Karbonz to Zing. Lately I’m into the color and bling. image


Loads of great people here to help.
Welcome back.:grinning:


Thanks for the greetings.
This is the sweater l am going ta attempt

It looks pretty straightforward.
I’m looking at wool at the moment and I think I’m going to go for something similar to what they have used without the acrylic.



It’s from the 80s.
Accidentally put the wrong picture in to begin with…oops