Hi, just found Knitting Help

Hi, so pleased to have found Knitting Help.
I look forward to learning lots more about knitting.


I just found it too. I am not much of a knitter. I tend to cast on, work a bit, make a mistake, not know how to fix the mistake, tear out and restart. I have been working on one sick for the last year.

I, however, crochet a lot better than I knit and am working on a shawl with lion brand shawl in a ball yarn.

I look forward to being here.

Hi, I am fairly new here myself. (Signed up last month) Life got busy and I am just now getting back for a visit. Glad to meet you!

Thank you LisaBB and Sallyryan261 - So good to hear from you.
My knitting projects are definitely very plain and easy to tackle and have been since I re-discovered knitting about four years back. My daughter had never lifted a knitting needle but was determined to learn. Originally taught by a friend who was also left handed she finally switched to knitting right handed so I could help if needed. She has completed some amazing projects - including three Paddington Bears! I’ll never be that good … alas.
Again thank you for your emails. I’m looking forward to learning more about knitting.
kind regards, Sandra

Welcome @LisaBB and @Sandra_Flower!

Next time you make a mistake come here to KH and ask us to help. We’ve all been there and we all still make mistakes. Some are easy to fix and sometimes there’s just no choice, but to rip out and start over, but you learn by asking and doing. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jan - so pleased to have found KH.

Yes, welcome to the forum ladies. It’s a great place to learn and before you know it, you’ll be posting photos in the Whatcha Knitting section of the wonderful items you’ve knitted!