Hi! I'm sort of a newbie...... (mgdappen)

Yes, Place marker the first time (two rows) and slip marker the next two rows. Place when you need to add a marker that is not there (row 13 & 14 to get one near each end). It appears the markers are there just to remind you when the pattern changes for the border. The border is small blocks (four rows by 3 stitches) of alternating st st and rev st st while the center body of the blanket is large blocks (12 row by 9 stitches).

I think I’d place markers in row 12 and slip there after; one marker after the first 9 stitches of row 12 and another before the last 9 stitches. Then it is clear that you are changing from a 3 stitch repeat to the larger 9 stitch alternating pattern.

It is one of those patterns that is easier to see and understand than it is to describe st by st and row by row.[/color]

thanks for the help, jack. i will give it a shot!

Place marker means put one on the needle, slip marker means move it from the left to the right needle when you come to it on a row.

Geeze! Now why didn’t I think to say it that way? :doh: Sue, you make it look too easy.

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the pattern is baby blocks blanket that i found on www.debbiemacomber.com from one of the blossom street books.

my original question was moved from the introduce yourself thread (i tend to get carried away at the keyboard as well) one of the other posters was kind enough to move it here for me.

anyway…the instructions for the body of the blanket are:

row 13: p3,k3,p3,k9,p9 across to last 18 sts, [B]place[/B] marker, k9,p3,k3,p3
row 14:k3,p3,k3,p9,kp across to last 18 sts, place marker,p9,k3,p3,k3
row 15: repeat row 13
row 16: repeat row 14
row 17: k3, p3,k3,k9,p9 across row to last 18 sts, [B]slip[/B] marker,k9,k3,p3,k3

my question was is there a difference between PLACING the marker vs. SLIPPING the marker. everywhere i’ve read described the two terms in pretty much the same way. i believe as jack said that they are really just placeholders in this particular pattern, but just wanted to make certain.

thanks for the help!

Jan, It wasn’t long ago that I asked you if you followed the links. I quoted from the introduction thread and did a copy past to here to answer her question. :wink: [size=1](And Sue trumped me.)[/size]

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mgdappen, Sue gave the best answer.

Place marker means put one on the needle, slip marker means [[I]it is already there and you[/I]] move it from the left to the right needle when you come to it on a row.

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