Hi.. Im Nicoley!

[b]Ive been lurking for almost 24 hours its about time i say hello :slight_smile:

Hi im Nicoley im 23 and live in brooklyn new york… ive been knitting for 2 or 3 weeks… so far im working on a scarf… this is my first project i hope it turns out well… i usely knit about 2 inches a day (im slow)… today i was inspired and it made me knit faster i completed 13 inches today (i dont know how i did it… but i did and it doesnt even look bad im shocked)

im currently reading to booklet like books on knitting “i cant belive im knitting” and “knitting made easy”… plus ive read about 2 million websites… your videos are a very very big help and i know they will help me alot more as i try and figure out how these drawings in the book should look :smiley:

i look forward to chatting with you all… from what ive seen today your all really nice …i hope i dont get one anyone’s nerves… im a very bad speller and my sentace structure/ grammer isnt very good i just hope that doesnt stop anyone from talking to me.

stay shiny everyone :smiley: [/b]

Welcome Nicoley!!

Congrats on getting started and into knitting!

Don’t wury, weer not spelling phanatics hear. LOL :lol:


lol good to hear… alot of people get mad at me so i like to give warnings from the start… :smiley:

WeeeEeeeEeeeeEeee :lol:

Hi Nicoley,

I have been knitting for 2 months and still making scarfs. I took 10 class’s just to learn the correct way to hold my needles, knit and purl.

Amy’s site has taught me more than what i was taught in class. I found with taking class’s the instructor’s would correct my mistake than hand my needles back to me. How was i going to learn to correct my mistakes that way?

My sentence structure is not good either so don’t worry about it.

Welcome and i hope to see more posts from you. Keep knitting and so will i. So what if we are slow knitting our scarfs at least we are knitting and loving it.

Hi Anne! :smiley:

i doubt im holding the needles right (i dont hear the knitting needles clicking) and i know for a fact im not holding the string right…i try the loopy finger thing in the videos but its not comftable to me… but it doesnt bother me much my scarf doesnt look like im doing it wrong and im not to slow so im cool with it … your teacher shouldnt have been so anal about it!
talk to you soon… :smiley: …stay shiny!


New knitter here as well. Working on my second hat which is also my second project. I was just talking to my mom the other day about the speed of knitting. I told her that I thought I had done quite well by knitting my hat in 3 days. I even knitted a logo into the hat with a different colour. Wow, I almost felt like a pro. I was silently feeding the ego a bit until I came across a comment made by a pro saying that hats make a good quickie project because they can be done in a couple of hours.

As for needles clicking, they do that?! :shock: :wink:

Every knitter had to start some time. I’m just glad that I had this site to use when I started. Keep up the great work and please show pictures (and be proud even if it took a really long time).

knitted a logo into the hat with a different colour!!!

beldaraan, you are way ahead of me. Way to go knitting a logo into a hat.

I finished my husbands scarf BUT when i went to bind off and got to the last stitch before cutting my yarn i was stumped as to what to do next.

For some reason my mind went blank. I cut the yarn and tied a knot at the end. Hoping the scarf will not unravel… lol…

I use wood needles so i don’t hear the click of my needles. Is that when you use the Aluminum needles that one hears the click, click?

hats … hats… im not there yet… my “skills” are… i can start a scarf… knit… purl and bind off… everything else im not there yet… so congrats with the hats… and the adding another color is awsome… i was going to attempt it and put my sister’s inital in the scarf but i kept flipping and turning the letter chart in my brain and decided not to until i practice :smiley:

needles might not click but thats what i hear… if im wrong blame my cat… she told me :lol:

I have my first hat posted here if you want to take a look. Have to scroll down a bit. I was excited to have all the knitting finished and just wanted to put it together. My seam at the back, which you can also see a picture of, is really bad. I’m making the same hat with a few mods to it, which I’ll post when I’m finished, and I’m going to make the seam better. At least I’m going to try anyway.

The only reason I didn’t start off with a scarf is because I have a phobia of anything around my neck (induced by a childhood trauma).

Oh, I have a knot in my hat too…and there’s a hole in the back of it too 8)

Here’s a link to knit letters and numbers too. I’ve never used it, but kept it in case I might need it. LINK

beldaraan, Thank you for the alphabet pattern. When i get the confidence to knit a letter i will try the letter A. A is for my youngest granddaughter, Abigail.

I am hoping we will have a night over soon so we can knit together. Abigail calls it “The girl’s night out” lol

Your hat is so cute. :slight_smile:

I’ve been knitting for just a month and totally learned by watching the videos. They are much better than following still photos or drawings.

Now I’m at the place where I’m trying to read the abbreviations of patterns for baby hats. It’s a little tricky so I’ll be asking you all for help!