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Hi all and thanks in advance for any help…I am new to knitting just learning now as a matter of fact…I think i know the basic knit stitch…casting on and still kind of on purl stitch(still working on that one). My question is this though…to make just an average knitted throw/blanket do i need to have a pattern or just knit away till i have knitted enough for blanket/throw size?..any pointer would be appreciated…Thanks

A blanket is fairly simple if you are just going to knit and not have any fancy pattern. If you choose to do stockinette (purl a row, knit a row and repeat) it WILL curl because that is the nature of stockinette. If you do want to do that make sure you add a border of at least 5 garter stitches (knit every row) all the way around. :thumbsup:


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gota agree with jan, you can do a basic knit blanklet (i made a toy sized one for ds ready for christmas). get yourself soem larger needles and it’ll fly by.

if you do the stocking stitch then as jan said it will curl at the edges.

i’d give a knit one ago to get your confidence

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Bear in mind that the sts for an ‘average’ (adult) sz afghan most likely won’t fit on straight ndls (if made in one piece). You most likely will need to use circulars to achieve enough width.


Hi there. I’d say you don’t need a pattern but if you want to have an idea of how big it will turn out you should do a little square (we call them swatches) to see how many stitches you need to get a certain distance and then use some simple math to have a ball park idea of how many stitches you might want to start with.

There is another simple way to make an all knit blanket and here is a simple pattern for it. LINK This is real simple, but a little more interesting than just cast on 200 (or whatever) and knit until you feel like quitting. The idea is to start with only a few stitches and keep increasing it at the beginning of the rows so that it is forming a triangle. Then when you have a triangle big enough to make you happy you start decreasing so that it will go back to only a few stitches and make a square.

You need to learn two more skills if you want to try this. They are both simple and very important skills to learn. One is the YO (Yarn over). A yarn over is not a stitch per se, but something you do between stitches. All you have to do for the yarn over you need on this type of project is to bring the yarn to the front of the work between the needle tips (like where it normally is for purling), and keep it there as you knit the next stitch. This causes a little extra strand of yarn to be made (which on the next row you work as a new stitch) between the knit stitches.

The K2tog, means knit two together and for that you just insert the right hand needle into the second stitch from the end of the left needle (where you would to knit it) and on through the first stitch as well, then do your normal yarn around and knit the 2 stitches as though they were one.

The yarn overs will make little holes and this makes the decorative edge you see in the picture. If you want to try that idea and have any questions folks are always here to help you. Have fun.

Well in the pattern that merigold posted, the YO is an increase that is also decorative, though on the 2nd half of the pattern, it’s just decorative.

hi thanks for all the good advice…i was knitting on straight needle wondered what those circular needles was for…ha ha…does anyone know how to knit toes socks by the way…I would love to have some…since my feet are special I cant actually buy already made toe socks…if anyone could help me learn to make toe socks…i would love to make me some…I cant use a normal pattern for toe socks. I would need someone who is a real great knitter to maybe tell me how i could make toe socks where there is only 3 toes and one big toe on each sock…I have what is called webbed feet and two of my toes are together so i would need a pattern where it tells how to knit the two together …or maybe someone who would make them and i could pay for them…if anyone would be interested in doing that please send me a message or email…thanks

thanks i have tonight started over and im gonna try to make this pattern so far it looks good will see when completed

I have webbed feet also. My 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet are webbed. The other toes are not. I have never known of another person with webbed feet that admitted it in public. I am not ashamed of it , I wear sandals almost all the time and no one has ever noticed it until I point it out. I never needed a special sock for it though.

I think lamcry is talking about Toe Socks like these.

yes those are what im talking about…lol I have always wanted to wear those and believe me i tried but they hurt my toes…lol
I did used to have big problem with my feet…but I guess my want for comfort won out and now I wear whatever shoes im most comfortable in…still dont really like feet but not as ashamed by them anymore

daylilydayzed, I have never know another person other than my sister we both were born with the toes together…I just always wanted to wear the toes socks but couldnt because of the toes together would hurt…i thought maybe someone here might know how to make a sock where those two toes could just be made together so it wouldn’t hurt to wear them…

There are a few patterns for thong socks, where just the big toe is separate. Here’s one of them - http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATTlicketysplit.html