Hi. Im new to this. Have a few questions.

Hi. My name is Ricky. Around 30 years ago, when I was around 10, my grandma was in the hospital for an extended period of time. My family would all go out there every night to visit, but they would only let a 2 or 3 people back at a time into the ICU. I have a large family, so we would have around 10- 15 people I. The waiting room at any given time.

Any ways, me and my younger brother being little boys, were obviously bored out of our minds. Well there was an old lady in the waiting room with us and she was knitting, and we sat next to her to watch. She was nice, and so she started teaching us a little but about knitting. We ended up getting our own needles and yarn and stuff, but as you can imaginge, knitting didnt really keep our attention for very long at that age.

Recently I have been thinking about getting back into it, so I started watching some YouTube videos, and reading some online articles and blog posts. I found a few free patterns as well. Well when I opened the pattern, I realized I dont actually know a damned thing. Lol. I have no idea what the acronyms mean. So I guess what I am hoping for is some beginners resources.

I am really interested in the knitting looms. They seem like they would be easier than needle knitting.
Here is the pattern I was looking at:

Any recommendations for tools or resources for getting started would be greatly appreciated. Also any beginner projects you could recommend would be awesome.

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Hi and welcome!
We’re mostly hand knitters and crocheters here but there are a few loom knitters. They may be able to help you but you may have to be patient.

Hey I lke learning new things, so if you have any good resources for beginners for hand knitting and crocheting, I would be happy to look at them. Some simple beginners projects, some resources for all the abbreviations, and all the different types of stitches and stuff. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I started watching some crocheting videos on YouTube last night, it looks like it could be fun.

Is there a good kit or bundle you would reccomend for getting started?

The videos here at KnittingHelp are good to get you started.
Staci Perry has lots of nice basic videos as well as more advanced techniques. She also has some slow motion videos which are easier for beginners.

Liat Gat has good beginner and advanced videos. She’s very clear in her demos.

Ravelry is an excellent source of patterns and the advanced search function lets you search for beginner or easy projects.

Others are undoubtedly better at recommending crochet sites than I am so I’ll leave that to them.

I would suggest starting with a simple scarf pattern until you master he basic knit and purl stitches which form the basis for all knitting - or the same goes for crochet, first learn basic then gradually add more complex patterns.


Your local craft store also has needles, and simple books to start. It is really quite fun to get into! We can’t wait to see pics of your first project! I agree with bon camp, start with something simple, basic stitches, and maybe bamboo needles are a bit easier for beginners.

Knitting is really quite easy once you get the hang of it. Loom knitting is fun, but there’s very limited number of things you can make. So I would recommend needle knitting.

The best place to start is to look for a ‘learn to knit’ book that will teach you the basic stitches and how to read patterns. You should also look to see if there are any yarn stores in your area, as they will usually be happy teach a newbie how to knit and help you with any questions.