Hi I'm New & KnitPicks Options Question

Hi all! I’m new, well, to posting, been lurking for a few months now. I’ve only been knitting for a couple months (other than a few momentary attempts in the past that…were less than spectacular). Mostly dishcloths and dishtowels…though I do have the yarn to do Calorimetry! I’m a SAHM to 2 girls and live in Eastern Canada. I’m also on Ravelry under the same name. :happydance:

Now to my question. I’d like to get the KnitPicks Options interchangable circulars. Figure the is a hobby I’m not soon giving up, so may as well get something nice! However, I don’t have the money for the whole set right now and was going to get some cables and a couple tips for now. What would be a good starting length (or 2) for cables and a couple good starting tip sizes? Will probably be using them for straight knitting and I’d like to give hats a try.


Try the set with the three tips and the cables, plus a plastic wallet to keep it in. It’s a lot less expensive, and you get a start. Otherwise, my two cents is, if you buy them separately, the most common sizes that I have used are 4.5mm/US 7, 5.0mm/US 8, and 9.0mm/US 11, since I’ve done mainly scarves, mohair, and bulky. I’d personally get 2 of the shortest cables and 2 of the longest. (To be able to do smaller items like hats and sleeves, and Magic Loop for even smaller items.)

Your own mileage, of course, may vary.

In addition to what Zina said, they also have a new 7mm needle if you use that size a lot which I do.

I don’t know about a set with three tips and cables though, I don’t recall seeing that, will have to look again.

I haven’t seen the set with 3 tips and cables. I’ve looked for it and don’t seem to see it? I may be a bit slow though. :mrgreen:

No advice on the needles, but welcome from a fellow Maritimer! (just outside of Saint John, NB) :slight_smile:

I’d analyze what types of yarns you are currently knitting with. Newbie knitters tend to start out with medium to larger sized needles. Buy some needle tips in the sizes you are currently using along with cords to match the projects.

Don’t waste your money on their plastic bag. I bought those plastic zipper pouches for pencils (I got them for $0.20 USD each) and popped 'em into a binder pretty cheaply. As you can see I use them for all of my knitting needles, crochet hooks, notions and patterns. I organize each pouch by needle size. I put all of my binders on a shelf - so much handier.

Just buy supplies as you intend to use them. That way you ensure you aren’t buying things you don’t need or aren’t ready for. Welcome!!

Thank you! waves from “the french fry capital of the world” in NB

I looked at the site again and there aren’t any. You either buy the whole set of 9 needles or individual ones.

Looks like it’s only available over here then? How weird.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to BUY the plastic bag. The sets come in a wallet already. I haven’t taken mine out of it because I’m traveling. (I like the clear bags. You can see what’s in them easily, and there’s enough room for a set of sock dpns, circular needles, crochet hooks, notions, etc.)

I wondered if you meant in the UK. They’re not available at their site, though I might buy a small set like that. I really have no use for size 4 needles. I’d prefer size 8, 9 and 10.

It’s going to be weird going back to the States eventually. I’ve started knitting here and have gotten used to needles in mm, not size numbers!

I wonder why they don’t have the smaller kit in the US. Perhaps they felt the market was so much smaller here that they had to offer a “taster” kit.

That, because the brand may not be so well known outside the US and Canada, or shipping costs.

Your binder system is awesome! I definately need to remember that around time for back-to-school sales! Thanks for sharing!

When I started I used only worsted weight yarn and size US 7 or US 8 needles. I agree that these are good starting sizes. Not too sure about cable lengths as I’m currently trying to figure that one out too! :slight_smile:

I would look at the sizes you currently use the most and go with those tip. As far as cables, I use the 24" for flat knitting the most. then I’d get the 40" for Magic Loop projects.