Hi! I'm New Here

Hi All,

   Just found this forum and look forward to learning anything to improve my knitting.  I taught myself to knit as a teen but recently have become serious (well, really obsessed) with creating with yarn.  I am well on the way to becoming a yarnaholic!  I never before realised there was a "yarn world" outside of Walmart.  I am certain hanging out here could be dangerous to feeding my addiction but I'm sure I will be in good company!

Carol in WV, USA

Welcome to knitting help!

What are you typing on? Your post came out really strange.

I typed under new topic where it said to “type here”

Were you on a different device than this last post? I’m just curious what caused the post to be on a bar you need to scroll to see the whole thing. I don’t remember seeing that happen before.

At any rate…welcome! Nice to have you here!

I am typing on an Ipad.

A post was split to a new topic: pattern problem Multi-directional Scarf

Okay, I use one sometimes, too. Never had that happen before though. Your other posts are fine it’s just the first one that was odd. :slight_smile: