Hi, I'm New and Need Help!

Hi everyone - I’m new to this site and knitting! Have knitted a few simple bits now and am about to start my first proper project (scary).

I need help with the [U]Applied I-Cord[/U] bit of the pattern. Can someone explain to me what this bit would be used for of my pattern (see link below)


I may be asking a lot of advice for this project, hope you don’t mind:teehee:


Hi and Welcome,

Do you know how to make I-cord?There is a great tutorial video on this site.

I am a relatively new knitter too but my understanding of the I-cord in this pattern is that you make the I-cord by continuing from a stitch on the neckline and armholes. You would then need to sew it on around the edge of the neckline and armholes - it must be there to strengthen against wear and tear as well as being decorative.


An applied i-cord is one that is knit on rather than sewn on.

Applied I-Cord
Using double-point needle, CO 3 sts.
[I]Next Row[/I] [RS]: K2, sl 1, use tip of leftt needle to pick up a st in edge of work, k this st, pass slipped st over. Slide 3 sts just worked to other end of needle and bring yarn around back of work, ready to begin working the next row.
Repeat this row for Applied I-Cord.

To be honest, I think that this way is a bit more complicated than it needs to be.

When I add an applied i-cord, I pick up stitches all around the edge that I’m working.

Then, knit 3 and slip them back to the left tip.

Knit 2, ssk (the last stitch of the original 3 and the next stitch on the left needle.)

Slide the 3 back to the left tip and keep repeating until you’ve run out of stitches. Then you can sew the end on to secure it.

Thanks for your help ladies. I have seen the video on here on how to do the I-Cord so feel confident I can do it.