Hi! I'm new and I need help with a pattern

Can you help?

I’m knitting the short sleeve blouson by Cathy Carron. There is a section where I need to start decreasing, but it doesn’t specify how and I’m not sure how to figure this out. I have 158 stitches for the front and the directions read as follows.

K the front stitches dec 60 sts evenly spaced

I have no clue how to space these to get 60 decreases. I could K19 then do back to back decreases for 120 stitches and then finish off with knitting another 19? How would you do this?

Can you help?


Noooo, you don’t want to bunch them up - evenly spaced means evenly spaced. You start with 158 and need to get to 120, that’s 38 sts. 158 divided by 38 is about 4 sts, so you would k 2, k2tog, k2 k2tog across the row, ending with 2 or 3 sts after the last k2tog.

Listen to Suzeeq, she’s never set me wrong!!!:thumbsup:

Thank you so much. I had no idea how to figure this out and I had been giving myself a huge headache and obviously making it harder than it really was.
Thanks again!

There are also several online calculators to help figure “how to decrease evenly” if you google the words in quotes. Welcome to KH!