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The gauge is to ensure that you knit (or crochet) with the same tension as the pattern designer. This will make your project come out to the size that the pattern specifies.

If you do a swatch and it comes out bigger than the gauge, you can either switch to smaller needles (hook), or you can try to knit (crochet) tighter.

If it comes out smaller, then you can either switch to larger needles (hook), or you can try to knit looser.

Hope this helps!

While pattern publishers specify a gauge, yours really doesn’t have to be exactly the same to get the same results. If your gauge is different, just do the math to figure the required stitches for the inches you desire and go for it.


If the pattern is creating something that is 20" wide with a gauge of 5 stitches/inch that’s 100 stitches. If your gauge is 4 stitches/inch that’s 80 stitches to make the same 20".

The only time that can cause a problem is with repeats such as ribbing or cables, etc. Then you’d want to be the same gauge or do the math needed to work out new repeats. It’s not that hard if you’re of a math bent.

[COLOR=“Orange”]Basically gauge is just the size so measure it??

I finished my scarf! Its really nice… I dropped a knit I guess in it but picked it back up… I didnt do it the correct way but you can barely tell! Hehee! Im very happy with its turn out though![/COLOR]:yay: