Hi Im Natalie... Im new!

[COLOR=“SeaGreen”]Hello everyone~

Im Natalie… I just recently started to TRY to teach myself how to knit. Its going okay! I didnt know how to cast off so I Googled videos to show me and came across this website, which was exactly what I needed! I can cast on, knit, purl, and cast off… thats about it so far![/COLOR] :teehee:

[COLOR=“SeaGreen”]There is a few knitting classes where I live but I wanted to see what I could learn on my own first. If anyone has any suggestions on ANYTHING that would be great! I have a basket full of all different yarns and a set of bamboo size 8 needles… Im not sure if thats a good thing or not??? Im starting to learn how hard it is to knit with 2 cats! They are crazy!

Well thats all for now! Like I said Ill take any suggestions!

Ohh and I had one question already… after you cast off what do you tie the extra yarn to? does it matter? help!?![/COLOR]

Hi Natalie – welcome to KH!

Do you have a project you’re working on first, or are you just free-form knitting to get the hang of things? But it sounds like you’re doing fine.

Don’t worry about the “tail” of yarn for right now. Later you’ll weave that in so it doesn’t show.

At any rate, I’d say your next step is to choose a project so you have a goal to work towards. You can choose your project by what yarn you want to use, or choose the project and pick the yarn by the project.

Have fun!

right now im just knitting purling knitting purling… Im trying to make what will resemble a wash cloth! hahaha! then I will pick a project… Id like to make a scarf or hat! or both!


keep knitting. keep knitting. keep knitting. :wink:


I only started knitting in May and was also taught by YouTube and KnittingHelp videos. I am currently making a shrug for myself and a baby blanket - you will pick it up the more you knit.

Have a look for a pattern on this site and pick something to knit. My 1st proper project was a bag and I learned sooooo much making it. The feeling of achievement when it was finished was fabulous. Don’t be afraid to ask for help here - everyone is very lovely and very supportive.

Have you visited the Ravelry website yet? They have thousands of patterns (many free) and you can search by needle size and yarn type.

Good luck and enjoy and, as I was correctly told when I 1st posted here, be warned knitting is addictive!


Welcome Natalie! Sounds like you are making great strides in learning how to knit! You have the most important basics going right now - keep practicing and when you feel comfortable with the knit & purl sts, you can add increasing and decreasing and a few other techniques that will have you addicted :slight_smile:

A dishcloth or scarf is a GREAT first project to work toward! As Irishmam suggested, Ravelry is a terrific resource for finding all kinds of patterns (many free) at many skill levels - you may want to check it out.

And as mentioned previously also, feel free to ask questions here - there are many terrific people who can help you on your knitting journey!

Welcome to KH! This is the perfect site for learning as Amy’s videos are very good, and the people here are always happy to answer questions.

Welcome to KH! Glad you found us. If you can knit and purl you can do just about anything. Congrats! You’ve got a great start already!

Hi, Natalie! :waving:

Oh yeah! :teehee:

Hi! When you cast off the last stitch you did thread your tail through the last stitch loop to secure it didn’t you? I’m just wondering if that is what you mean by what to do with the tail!!!

Hi Natalie!

I’m also self taught. When I first started, I got some inexpensive acrylic yarn and tried all kinds of thing with a booklet, cast ons stockinette, garter, seed and ribbing then i cast off. I chose a black yarn and I would recommend using a light color. It’s easier to see the stitches. And boucle and eyelash yarn is really difficult to see what you are doing with.

I used an earlier version of this booklet:

My first project was a poncho that was two stockinette rectangles stiched together with mattress stitch and edged with a single crochet in fun fur. I still wear it.

I learned everything else I know from here! Increases, decrease, knitting in the round, etc. Everyone is helpful here and the videos are excellent.

Happy learning!

my cat likes to bite the end of the knitting needles, usually when he decides he wants to sit on my knee when I’m knitting!

Hello and Welcome to the group!! You have chosen well and the people here are very helpful and friendly! The videos are excellent!:woohoo:

Natalie, I posted the wrong booklet. :doh: I actually used this booklet:

[COLOR=“Red”]I found a book called first knits! I like it so far… the first project is a scarf second is baby booties… im excited to do those they are really cute! The one thing I think I learned is that should I be buying the yarn that it tells you too because I didnt and the scarf is coming out a little bit lacier then it should… I dont mind Ill wear but my boyfriend was hoping it was going to be for him but it is turning out kinda girly!!!

My cats chewed the tips of my first pair of needles! I was so mad at them! They dont even care about the yarn, which was what I thought would be the problem, they want the needles! They are to strange!

Anyways no real questions yet… when I get some though I will be asking ! Thanks also for all the Hellos!!![/COLOR]:muah:

Hellos right back atcha! Welcome aboard.

The one thing I think I learned is that should I be buying the yarn that it tells you too because I didnt and the scarf is coming out a little bit lacier then it should…

When you buy a different yarn from what’s in the pattern, you have to be aware of the new gauge vs. the gauge called for in the pattern. As you have found, it doesn’t really matter for a scarf! :slight_smile:

It sounds like the yarn is a bit lighter in weight and/or diameter than the yarn called for, so using a smaller needle diameter would keep it from being quite so lacy, but the scarf would be both narrower and shorter than the pattern says it will be, most likely.

Not to worry – it’s all a part of learning about the tools of knitting!

I can’t find the OP to reply to, but you don’t have to always use the yarn in the pattern - sometimes it’s really expensive and you can find alternatives that are about 10 times less $. One way to find substitutes is through www.yarndex.com; search for the original yarn and then click on ‘look for the same gauge’. You can also search on fiber too. But basically you want a similar thickness yarn, you can’t sub sport weight or DK for bulky, though you might come close if you doubled the strands.

:happydance:Hi Natalie, welcome to KH!

[COLOR=“Blue”]That is one thing I am starting to get confused about is this Gauge business! My book explains it and I kinda think I get it but I kinda dont! Could someone explain it again so MAYBE I will understand… Im so much better at learning hands on than from reading! uggh!

My scarf is really pretty though![/COLOR]:cheering: