Hi I need suggestions

Hi, I bought 10 balls of some very pretty baby blue with gold thread shimmery silky yarn and I need a pattern to go with it. I’m not clever enough to make something up and I’m not sure of the gauge. It’s either fingering or light fingering weight.

I’m thinking something for summer. Any suggestions?

Do you know yardage or content? It’s hard to make suggestions w/o that, but here’s some ideas.

It sounds like it would make a lovely, light shawl for over a sundress or something like that.


All it says is 40 grams net at standard condition. As for contents it says 37% modal (?), 21% something in Korean, 31.5% rayon, and 10.5% Poly.

Thanks for the suggestions!

The Korean translates into “very fine sand.” Lol, go figure.

Hmmm…Is there a brand name on the yarn?

It’s in Korean. I did find the website.


It’s no. 12 on the first card.

I think I’m going to make some lacy curtains. It’s really nice yarn but I’m not really a fan of shiny clothing.

Anybody have any suggestions for a lace pattern?

Here are some sites with stitch patterns: