Hi I need help please

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I posted anything on here. I am currently making Christmas presents for family memebers and friends…I am looking for a knitting pattern for a pair of mittens for my 2 year old cousin Sarah…I have looked on the internet and came up with nothing. I am looking for something easy basically a very simple pattern. I would be greatful for any help given :muah:Thanks im advance!

Do you have a preference for 2 needle mittens or knit in the round?

Here’s a link to a basic 2 needle mitten that can be used for all ages.


And knitting pattern central has loads of free patterns. If you browse the mitten page you’re sure to find something.


It’s not free, but the book Weekend Knitting has a few grewat mitten patterns. I actually recommend buying the book, I have used a lot of the patterns in it as opposed to other books that only have a few good patterns. Also, this is the book that TAUGHT me to make mittens, so I highly recommend it!:yay:

You might see if your library has the book; check it out first to see if you’d like to buy it.

Child’s Simple Striped Mittens

Children’s Angora Mittens

Classic Mittens

Vintage Mittens

Basic Mittens

Knit To Fit Mittens

I :heart: the thumb in this mitten. It’s for a women size but with a little imagination you could make it smaller. Good luck!


I’ve knit these for my daughter and she just loved them. Being a new knitter, I found them to be quite easy. http://www.magknits.com/Jan06/patterns/mouse.htm

Hi there! I’m a new knitter and found these to be quite easy. My daughter loves them.

Here’s the link to the pattern: http://www.magknits.com/Jan06/patterns/mouse.htm