Hi, I need everyones help

I have not been knitting that long and my children are asking me to knit their babies, my grandchildren toys, ducks, and such. I would love to but everything that I have found so far is in the advanced scale, I have 4 grandchildren ( 1 grandson 8, one granddaughter 19 months, and 11 month old twins {one boy and one girl} and need some advise. :??
I have also had sooo much trouble following pattens, so they need to be simple as well… :XX:
Please and thank you… Nanny- Mom…Cathy

There are some baby toys in here.

And here are some toys.

Here are some animal toys.

Lastly… Here are some finger puppets to look at.


Don’t hesitate to come back and ask questions you may have. Also, watching Amy’s videos have helped A LOT of people here (and surely the reason most people have come onto this website in the first place!), so you might want to check those out too! :thumbsup: