Hi! I’m new and I need a little pattern help

Hi everyone! I’m currently trying to knit the Breton Sweater by Paintbox Yarns, and I’ve come across an instruction I just don’t understand.

I’ve worked the back of the sweater and am now knitting the front, but I’m confused by the patterns note on how to knit the front differently to the back.

The pattern says ‘ Work as given for Back until 22 [22: 22: 24: 24: 24] rows less have been worked than on Back to start of shoulder shaping‘

I don’t understand when I’m supposed to start the shoulder shaping, or, when I’m supposed to take off the 22 rows.

I’d appreciate any help!

If for example you started shoulder shaping on row 200 on the back ( making up that number, I don’t know what row you actually started the shoulder shaping on since the pattern lists length not row numbers. You will have to count your rows to be sure), then on the front you do everything else the same until row 178. At row 178 you would start the front neckline shaping in order to have all that done by the time you get to row 200 to shape the shoulders.

Oh no wait!! I understand now, thank you so much

Glad it worked out!

Yes This one is Nice pattern I advice don’t leave this