Hi I am Melany - - new knitter - - with problems

I just started knitting last friday for the first time I got a pattern off the yarn and they asked me to knit five rows after casting on 41 stitches. first of all I used the long tail cast on but knitting help suggested I purl instead of knit. Secondly is the cast on considered a row? Thank you so much for this site because I have three books and could not figure out what they were talking about to save my life :shock: Thank God for all you lovely people. :lol: ttfn

Welcome melany berry!

The cast on is not usually considered a row; but with long-tail cast-on, it creates an already knitted row in addition to the most basic cast-on edge. If you are working in garter stitch (all knitted rows), it’s fine to begin by knitting. If you’re working in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row, alternating), then for the least noticable cast-on edge, you’d begin with a purl row. You could begin with a knit row, it would look fine too, just more noticable or decorative.