Hi, I am a newbie here

I have a question though. I am making a baby blanket - knitting squares then will sew together.
My first colour baby pink I cast on 45 stitches and knitted 40 rows.
Started my second square in mint - same 45 stitches and will knit 40 rows. I have a third colour white to do the same.
Are these too big? I am wondering if I should make them smaller, like 22 stitches and 40 rows???
Any help would be appreciated.
I never introduced myself properly. I have just started to knit, and love it. I live in Ontario Canada. My first project was what I called a practice scarf. turned out not too bad. second project was a dishcloth (I knitted in a straight garter stitch, using a multi yarn) it looks nice.
How and where do I see if someone replied to my post???

Hi Nancy, I’m also a getting used to knitting as well starting my project off with cardigans but I have been doing crochet for a while. As to the project your doing I do believe it’s up to you if you want it big or small. For me I would test both sizes out first and see which one I would prefer doing.

As to your last question, I typically get emails stating someone respond or I just come back after couple hours sign in and look at my thread to see if I get any respond.

Hi and welcome to both of you!

Nancy, IMO the size doesn’t matter unless you are trying to get a specific size blanket. If you just want a carriage blanket it can be smaller than a crib blanket. I’m not sure what size your squares are, but put them next to each other and measure so you can get an idea how large it can be with various numbers of squares.

In the upper right of a post under “thread tools” you can subscribe to the post. I think it gives you options of how to be notified. Or you can just click new posts when you come in the forum and it’ll show you all that have answers.

Jan, the piece I have finished is 8" square. So I figured I would do 16 squares like this and weave/sew together.

So it’ll be about 32" square. That’s a nice size blanket for a baby. My favorite ones were 36", but that’s not much different than 32 so it should be perfect. :slight_smile:

What kind of yarn are you using?

I am using 100% acrylic yarn- Bernat # 4, in a baby pink, mint and white. I am on Ravelry as well. I think my user name is nawood

Hi NancyAnne,
I like the colours you have chosen for your first baby blanket and I think the size of each square is great as you can just multiply your 8" squares by any # you like to get the size you want. Lay them out as you finish them to get the idea of the size and then stop when you have enough.
Then, you can sew them together, or crochet them together, as you wish. Whoever is getting this lovely gift will really appreciate it.
There is nothing better for a baby than a lovely piece of knitting that keeps them warm. :slight_smile:
The most important thing in knitting is to remember to enjoy yourself while you’re doing it… and all will come out right… if it doesn’t, well, it’s only knitting… take out what offends you and change it. It’s all fun! :slight_smile:
TEMA :knitting:

Hi, Nancy, nothing to add, but you know we have a rule here that states you MUST, on penalty of being poked with needles if you don’t, POST PHOTOS of your finished blanket.

we like pictures. :slight_smile: It’ll be lovely no matter the size.

Okay, will post when finished. Going away to visit my Mom this weekend, but will be knitting part of the time, Mom will be giving advise too, she doesn’t knit anymore but can answer most questions too.