Hi...haven't been 'round in awhile

Wow do I miss knitting:happydance: …things get sooo hectic (umm school summer vacation=lots of “kidz” around) that I haven’t knit anything:noway: however, I have recently entered MochiMochi Land!!! What a wonderful book and awesome toys…that whip up sooo quick and are soooooo cute…I have been in touch with the “author” and she granted me permission to knit up a few toys and donate to my local APL (I thought it was a great idea so I asked!!) anyway I use scrap yarn too stuff mine, I am thinking yarn or polyfill probably wouldn’t be edible (um might be dangerous to animals) any thoughts out there on what I can stuff em with…Thanks for any feed bac…BTW, this site is mentioned in her book…How cool is that?

Nice to hear from you again. :slight_smile: I think the polyfill would be fine. :thumbsup:

Very cool KH is mentioned. I really want that book. It looks so cute.

I’ve stuffed my dog toys with old socks, or rags. I’ve used them whole, and I’ve cut them in strips, not small enough to be choked on though. Polyfill is terrible for their insides, for those dogs out there that actually ingest it. My dog no longer gets any toys with polyfill because he would vomit almost daily, even if it was small puffs of stuffing. Since we quit giving him store bought stuffed toys, he’s quit vomiting. I did take a few old toys, remove ALL of the polyfill and sewed them back up with nothing inside. The “stuffingless” toys are becoming very popular even in retail pet stores. I seen a bunch of new styles out the other day, so depending on the density of your knitting, stuffing may not even be required.

I’ve stuffed human toys with scrap yarn, but for animals it may get swallowed. Disgustingly, let’s just say I’ve had to assist my dog, after he has swallowed stringy type things. So while I haven’t tried this myself, I wouldn’t suggest it.

I had a question though along a similar topic. I was thinking felted dog toys wouldn’t necessarily need stuffing and would be more durable because their teeth wouldn’t poke through as easily, but is felted material too fuzzy for pets? Are there wool brands that are less fuzzy and better suited to something like this? I haven’t entered the felting world yet, but I do see pet patterns that are felted.

Your best option would be to contact your local APL, and ask for their requirements/recommendations.

What a great thing to do!

Good thought (felted)…but I am an accidental felter! HAHAHAHAHA …I will check with the APL on stuffing…Thanks

I had a couple of small knit swatches that I practiced my stitches and techniques with. I used them to stuff a knit ball for the dog.

You could try something like dry rice, dry beans, or wheat chaff. It might make them a tad less washable though, but it certainly wouldn’t be a health hazard.

I forgot sawdust… that works too.
My grandpa used to take the downey feathers of doves and other game birds to make toys for his dogs. He hunted a LOT so those might not be as easy to find for you. If you’re interested you could look up a local hunt club.

If anyone is interested…I posted a pic of MochiMochi Squirel under FO’s…