Hi from Wisconsin

Hi, I just joined your forum. It looks like alot of fun and full of tips and suggestions.
I started knitting three weeks ago, and I love it. Since I am a newbie, I will have lots of questions.
Thank you for this site.


hey there…I love Wisconsin…I moved from Milwaukee to Kentucky 6 months ago and I miss it. :verysad: But welcome!! :muah:

Howdy and welcome!

I live in Florida but work out of Wisconsin. Am on my way back up there now.

You’ll love this place, but it is kind of addictive.

:cheering: Hi from MN.I’m 50 miles north of Duluth.Are we close?This is the place for all your knitting needs :happydance:



One of my closest friends is a “sconnie” I like to tease her about the cheese hats :poke:


i m from wisconsin too …welcome to the knitting world …

maybe we can meet up and knit … :muah:

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!! :happydance:

Welcome to Knitting Help! This is the most helpful site I’ve ever found! I’m a fellow Wisconsinite as well - I live in Milwaukee. Happy knitting!