Hi from Newbie!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Anya and I am a SAHM of two girls, one DH and one cat. I live in New England and have been knitting for two years. I learned from a LYS class, but after I while I would just go there and knit- pay the $10 and not receive instruction. So I knit by myself and I have learned lots from searching online. Of course I have tons of questions still, and I know you talented knitters will be able to help me out of a jam, should I get myself into one :smiley: Oh, and maybe I should add that I am hopelessly addicted to knitting :lol:

Hi Anya! Welcome to Knitter’s Anonymous. The difference here is that though we are all addicted to knitting–none of us are trying to quit! Love your cat–is that one of those wrinkly, hairless ones?

hello! I also live in New England…Vermont…where many knit hats are needed…and that is what I have been knitting!
Welcome! You will like this group a lot!

HI and welcome! There’s lots of knowing knitters here, you’ll love it!

Welcome, Anya! :waving:

Hi Anya! Welcome to the asylum. Glad to see another New England knitter here!

Yes, he’s a wrinkly naked cat. His breed is Sphynx and he’s so lovable. I read the article someone posted about trying to knit with a catin your lap, lol. That’s us every night. But I am able to knit with the beast on me- he’s low profile :lol:
I live MA, too, Wynnie. And I love the viking Chicken hat- it’s on my to do list :smiley:

Hi Anya,

Your cat is a cutie. I have a one-year old Devon Rex who loves to sleep on my lap while I knit. I keep him warm, he keeps me warm… we both win. Does your cat sleep under the covers too?


yep, body under the covers, head on the pillow :rollseyes: I swear he thinks he’s human.

Hi Anya, from another New Englander :waving:

Anya, please knit your kitty a sweater. I’m shivering just looking at him :smiley: Welcome to the group!

Welcome Anya… :slight_smile:

Always nice to see a new face…

Let me just tell ya tho, straight off… those sphynx cats FREAK ME OUT :shock: :shock:


Hope to see ya around alot