Hi from France!

My name is Sylvie, I’m a french knitter. I’m 49 yo, live in Versailles near Paris with DH and our 2 sons.

I’m not a new knitter. I learned with my grand mothers when I was a child, then knitted a lot but stopped when my children were young (I’m a full time worker, you know…). Now they are 17 and 15 yo, so I have much more free time and I’m back to knitting, and love it!! :XX:

I’m currently finishing Trellis from Knitty.com for my niece, then I’ll start a little cardi for her in a pretty dark pink yarn!

Happy :XX:

BIENVENUE, Sylvie!! :waving:

Welcome Silvie! :waving:

I would say something clever in French for you, but it’s been far too long since I spoke anything, and i’m sure I’d make a fool of myself.

One of the best summers I’ve ever had I spent in Southern France, near Cannes. I got college credit, amazingly, for living in a gorgeous chateau on the water and painting watercolors of the picturesque gardens, and boats, and people. :happydance: (I totally went into debt to do it, but it was worth it! :heart:)

Glad to have you with us!

Thank you Kelly and Amy! :slight_smile:

Amy, the south of France is a really nice place for summer holidays, just a little bit too hot for me, lol.

The lacy cardigan is beautiful, I didn’t know that website, just added it to my favorite links, thanks! :XX:
Now I have to find where I could buy the pattern! :rofl: :x:

Welcome! :waving:

Bonjour! :waving:

I’m not even going to try and mutilate French to say HI. (I never took it.)

So… welcome Sylvie! :waving: Glad to have you here.

Sylvie…I’m so happy to have the opportunity to get to know yet another :XX: friend :smiley: . Welcome :cheering: :cheering:

:waving: Welcome!! :smiley:

What she said.

Welcome :waving: