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Does anyone know what Knitting Ribbon is? Is it different than yarn or the same?

I so confused about this one.

Thanks for your response if you are able.

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I would really have to know the context in which you heard this. There are plenty of ribbon yarns out there. They can also be called “tape” yarns. These are worked, more or less, just like any other yarn. Some people insist that you must prevent the yarn from twisting, but my experience has been that this makes little difference.

I have an acquaintance in Australia who has taken up her knitting, once again. She coiuld use some knitting ribbon, and some friends and I are trying to get together a pkg to send her. A pkg of Knitting Ribbon…

I am not a knitter, but I have crocheted years ago, so this is a new one on me.


A few options








Well thank you so much. Maybe now when I pass this info along, we will all understand what my friend wants, specificallly.

Thank You

I’d love to know this too! I’m always looking for good use for my ribbon.

Don’t have much input into the ribbon yarn cause I dunno :oops:

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