Hi everyone

do anyone have a pattern for this cable ?

thank you…

What cable?

the front cable in this cardigan

Mervat, the photo isn’t showing up on the forum. Can you retry or give us a link to the photo?
Here are instructions for posting a photo that may help:

i will thank you

my first thought is it’s a basic 4-stitch cable, done in aran or chunky yarn. it’s got that 2-front, 2-back look. http://newstitchaday.com/4-stitch-cable/ .

but depending on yarn, it might actually be the cable 4 front stitch. http://newstitchaday.com/how-to-knit-the-cable-4-front-stitch/ . it’s compliment is the cable 4 back stitch. http://newstitchaday.com/how-to-knit-the-cable-4-back/ .

a 3rd, less likely, option is the ascending spiral cable. http://newstitchaday.com/knit-ascending-spirals-stitch/. but it starts looking more elongated than your picture.

thank you for help XtopherCB