Hi Everyone!


I’m Maria (aka Spinderella) - I’ve been crocheting all my life but just started trying to learn to knit in the past few weeks - hello - HARD!!!

Any sympathy?? Should I keep trying, or go back to the old crochet hook? Just wanted to say HI.


Welcome Maria! A lot of us crocheted first so definitely keep going! I much prefer knitting now. :thumbsup:

Hi Maria,

I have been crocheting for a few years. I have always wanted to knit (love the way it looks) so here I am now in the same boat. It has been a struggle but worth the time and tears. I refused to give up and see some progress every week.

You will find this group to be very helpful. I have learned so much during the short time I have been here. They have been so wonderful to answer my questions. They support you always! :heart:

Hang in there…it’s worth your time!!!

Happy knitting…:knitting:


I have never crocheted more than 1 single chain of crochet - knitting all the way for me so I would say keep it going!

Maria, I also crocheted for many years before deciding that I HAD to learn to knit. I still prefer to crochet big things (for me, it’s faster), but I like the way knitted fabric looks on things with shape (gloves, hats, sweaters).

Definitely keep at it! I recommend trying out different books and videos unil you find a style that works for your hands. I first tried to learn from a book-- it taught english style and I failed miserably. It wasn’t until I found this website and the gloriousness that is continental knitting that I was able to pick it up.

Good luck!

Welcome Maria,

I too was a crocheter for over 20 years & finally decided to try knitting after I was told it couldn’t be done by a crocheter. LOL! Now the only thing I pick up a crochet hook for is afghans otherwise it is just knitting now.

Keep at it & you will thouroghly come to enjoy it.

My opinion is that I wish I could do both. If you’re starting to have some success, then now is not the time to give up. You’ll have so much versatility if you can do both.

Hi Maria!!

I just wanted to give you some encouragement… I just started teaching beginning crochet for knitters… and let me tell ya, it seems just as foreign to a knitter to pick up a hook as it does the other way around :wink: My class has been great about it and they’ve been progressing very nicely!

Stick with knitting for a while to see how it goes. You might even find a few little breaks to crochet a small (aka instantly gratifying) project will help you out. I know I like to do something crazy easy to feel more accomplished :slight_smile:

I do knit and I do crochet. And always have. I could not imagine one without the other.
But my knitting is WAY beyond any of my crochet skills.

Knitters probably need crochet more than the other way around, but it is so handy to know both.

Knitting is not all that hard. And you have the great advantage to already do a yarn craft - you know about the materials, attitudes of yarn, and handling. And both things just loop sting (differently, yes).

Once you get the hang of it, you will be soooo happy with your diversity. Keep on practicing!

My mother taught me both when I was a child. I prefer to knit but there are always somethings that just need to be crochet. Keep trying and it will come. I don’t think anyone learned without lots of practice.

I started crochet and would rather knit now. I had a lot of problems trying to learn to knit. Try different methods if one doesn’t work.
I couldn’t get anywhere with English, tried Combined which was OK until I tried more complicated stuff. Doing the Combined got my hands working right for Continental.