Hi Everyone

Just wanted to say Hello. I’m new to this forum but not to the site. Thanks to Amy and all her hard work I was able to knit my first sweater and wanted to thank her for this awesome site. Having those marvelous videos available gave me the confidence to not only knit the sweater but make changes also. Thanks ever so much Amy!

Hello and welcome!!!
Love the name, btw :wink:

Happy Knitting!

Welcome to the board! You’ll have a lot of fun here!

Welcome knittingknit! I agree, great name! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone…the name suits me…seems I’m always being called a nut so it was either this or KnuttyKnitter!!! Love this forum…my first experience with membership in one. Of course now I’m behind on the posts thanks to the pattern stitch from hades (which I’ve now given up on…here I go again “doing my own thing”). For someone relatively new to knitting anything but dishcloths (and who just got finished finding the meaning of PSSO…not gonna tell you what was running through my mind as to the meaning…would be in the expletives category) I sure change the pattern around a lot. Hope I don’t get into trouble with this one!!! Off to my reading the posts…thanks again for the warm welcomes!!