Hi everyone!

I’m new here! Just wanted to say, I joined in Sept 2007 and just never really got around to posting. But I’m still knitting as often as I can (I have bad eye issues so it’s not a lot a lot)

I’m Melissa, my husband is Joe. We were married 10/31/03 and we have three little girls. We live in Indiana.

Currently my ‘big’ project isn’t just a knitting project, it’s more of a lots of things project. The Indianapolis Art Center from October 10-November 14th has a huge Day of the Dead altar display and the actual celebration is November 1. So… we’re doing an altar, in memory of my little angel Calypso, and my 2 dear friend’s little angels. Landan and Cheyenne. So that’s my BIG project right now (I actually posted in the pattern forum looking for help with a certain pattern to make something for the altar)

Anyway I’m rambling but one more serious note. I see a lot of you do donations to hospitals and nicus. Thank you. Thanks to people like you I have 3 hats in my memory box that my little 3 lbs preemie wore. Inside of the brims of her hats (which are treasures in themselves) are pieces of her hair which is a big deal to me too. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for future people given this gift like I was.

Now i’m done rambling. :teehee: :hug: :heart:

Hi and welcome back :slight_smile: Your babies are adorable :slight_smile:

:hug: I Hope you will post a lot more now and welcome to KH! Your girls are adorable :heart:

Thank you all for the comments on my little girls. My eldest is actually working on her online school work on the other computer so I’m hanging out here and watching her lol

Welcome to Knitting Help! Your daughters are so sweet. :hug: