Hi everyone!

i’m andi! i’ve been knitting for about 2-1/2 years now (all thanks to amy’s wonderful videos), but i’m new to the forums. most of my knitting up to this point has been for my kids and for other kids (ie., cloth diaper covers and pants and whatnot), so there’s lots of stuff i haven’t learned yet, but i’ve got the basics down.

i’m looking forward to learning from everyone! :smiley:

Welcome to the boards

Hi and welcome! This is a fun and friendly place!:waving:

Welcome to the KH family! I am sure you will find a lot of information and knitting support here!




Welcome to the boards!

Welcome, Andi! I do most of my knitting for my kiddos (and other’s kiddos) too- instant gratification! :slight_smile: I’ve only been knitting a bit more than a year. This is a fabulous board! :slight_smile:

Hello and Welcome to KH! Happy knitting!

:woot: Welcome to KH!!

Hi and welcome.

welcome aboard

thanks for the welcome, everyone! :muah:

Hi! Welcome to the friendliest place on the web! :hug:

BTW, feel free to use the KnitChat (link is at the top of the page). There are a bunch of us on most evenings! :thumbsup:

Welcome to KH!

Hi needlefever,
Enjoy the knitting forum and reading the tips and meeting more knitters.