Hi everyone

Ok i have a question…I always have a question lol…ok here it goes. I am making my best friend something for her Birthday which involves felting, this object has button holes. What I was wondering is if I do felt this object will the buttons holes get messed up or am I ok to go ahead and felt away…never felted before so it should be fun but I didn’t want to mess everything up by feltling the FO. :slight_smile:

Hi there!

I’ve only felted with a button hole once and it came out fine, but if you do run into a problem, what you can do is cut open the button hole after felting with a blade like an Exacto knife or similar and that works fine! Once the yarn is felted, it can be cut without trouble.

ETA: Actually, the pattern I used was from Knitty and here’s what the designer said about that: If your buttonholes felted a bit tight, use a small pair of scissors to open them.