Hi everyone

This is my first time on this site, and I know I am really going to enjoy this. I love to knit. Thanks for a wonderful site.


If you love to knit you are definately in the right place. :slight_smile: Welcome!!

welcome to the site. There is a lot of great help, and advice here.

Welcome, the more the merrier!

:woohoo:Another convert! Another addict!

LOL!!! That’s exactly what I was thinking. I got sucked in here and can’t find my way out!

Welcome! :mrgreen:

Welcome! I’m a newbie myself. I have already received lots of advice and help. Plus, so many friendly people…yea!! :cheering:


Howdy do! :waving:

Hi and Welcome,
You will find lots if inspiration here, ways to spend lots of money too!

Welcome!! :woot:

You are going to love this site its very addictive !!!