Hi Everyone

I have just registered and wanted to say hi. I am a beginner and have found the info on this site wonderful. I continue to review the info and videos for the various stages I am at in my knitting . I have just started a hat on circular needles . My first and have used the videos often . I am sure I will be here many time

Hi Fran! I’ve been wanting to do my hats on circulars but my circulars are too big. Getting some new ones soon. Otherwise you have to sew that seam up! Good luck!

Welcome Fran!

:slight_smile: Amy

yay! glad to know you!

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Welcome, Fran!!
Looking forward to getting to know u!! I’m very sure that u r going to :heart: :heart: everyone here in the forum! Not only is there a wealth of knitting info…there’s also a wealth of friendship!!
I :heart: :heart: :heart: to do my hats (and anything I can think of) on my circs!!
Have fun :XX: :XX:
Your new knitting buddy,

Hi all Thanks for the kind welcome.
Here is a link for the hat I am making on the circular needles.


I understand from other knitters I will need to change to DP needles at some point in the pattern even though the writter did not say so . I thought from reading the pattern you could use either DP or circular . I am so green at this. I may need help when the time comes .

I think in the material list they should have left out the word OR AND ALSO MENTIONED WHEN TO CHANGE IN THE PATTERN

I am just about to start that SAME HAT for DH’s aunt!!

For all hats on circs, you will need to switch to DPNs when the decreases no longer allow you to stretch your work all the way around the circ.

I think Brooke is about to make the same hat, too…sounds like its time for a KAL!

Welcome, Fannie!

I ONLY HAVE ABOUT 3 INCHES KNIT SO FAR . i HAVE BEEN SPENDING SO MUCH TIME ON THE COMPUTER READING AND LEARNING AND NOT TO MUCH KNITTING. You can tell how new to knitting I am . I didn’t know enough to recognize the need to change to the DP needles . i will learn and then Beg for help when I screw up. I have just retired so I have lots of time to practice . Please call me Fran . I use fannie because Fran was already used a s a sign on

Hey Fran,
Love the hat that u r working on! Like kelly said, u will need to switch to the dpns…and there r lots of people here that will be more than willing to help! I don’t know what all videos r on the site here, but u may find what u need there…look under…getting started, basic techs & adv techs…amy has been :heart: :heart: gracious enough to do many videos that r very helpful!!

Hey Fran! Guess what! You will defiitely know when it’s time to switch to those dpns because as I found out the other day,
the darn yarn won’t stretch around the circular anymore!

These things are so simple but when you’re starting out, they’re NOT!
The Stitch n’Bitch book girls explain how you can’t knit a hat on a circular that’s bigger than the hat.

Anyhooo… all for now.

P.S. I have been trying to visit Nova Scotia for years & hope to do so one day… it looks so beautiful.

Thanks for the reply. I have never knitted a hat so i am actually looking forward to trying it . I will yell for help when in trouble.

PS you should come to nova scotia. its a great place in summer

July or August the best time

Hi there and Welcome! This is a great place!

Yikes! I thought I came by and welcomed you. Bad, bad Jenn.

Anyhow, welcome and hope to hear all about your latest :XX:

Welcome to KH. You will :heart: it here. Everyone is so kind and willing to help with any problems.

If you have not read Amys homepage please take the time to read it. Scroll down to ABOUT ME.

I really enjoyed reading about Amy, her family and interests. In fact i read it often still enjoying. :cheering:

Happy knitting :XX: