Hi Everyone

Hi, my name is Betty and I just found this wonderful forum! I learned to knit and crochet when I was very young but never kept it up. Just started them both again and I’m having a great and frustrating time relearning the basics. Thank goodness for YouTube!


Hi Betty
Welcome to KH :smile: I think most of us here can tell the same story as you lol. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll pick it all back up and learn more ,as I have, from all the talented people on this site.
Any time you get stuck or are not sure about something - just ask and someone here will know the answer.
Best Wishes

Welcome to Knitting Help! :slight_smile:

Hi Betty, I too learned to knit as a young child in Scotland. My Mum was a great knitter so I could always run to her but now I also just google my questions. Works pretty good! Good luck with your projects.