Hi everyone! Suggestions requested


Well, our very own Carol (Taraknit) advertises on this site and has WONDERFUL inexpensive gently used needles. Check into those. I think she even offers free shipping??

Also, as far as yarn goes, look into Knitpicks. Free shipping over 30 bucks and the Merino Style is both affordale and SOFT!

That’s a VERY cool fundraiser you are doing!!

That’s a great idea! How about knitting [color=violet]chemo caps[/color] and you can do two good things at once. :wink:

Great Idea. An easy idea would be to choose different coordinating colors of the same yarn. Then have each student knit an afghan square. (They can be simple garter stitch or you can teach a pattern stitch like seed stitch, or other patterns using Knits and Purls.) You can stitch the squares together and donate the finished blanket.

maybe even something like this:


Very easy. And for supplies, have you tried thrift stores? Sometimes at our local Goodwill, they will have big bags of yarn come in. And sometimes even knitting needles or crochet hooks. Just look around. And Walmart is a good place too… Sometimes the yarn can be a bit pricey.

Maybe just try to look around at different places.

By the way, this is a GREAT idea! I actually want to join a knitting group for our local hospital who makes hats for babies, pillows, blankets, and handmade stuffed animals! :smiley:

welcome to the forum!!

:cheering: :cheering: Welcome…what a wonderful idea you have…a very kind & sweet spirit, too :wink: . Lapghans (small afghans for the lap :doh: ) would be great for a disabled center, too, for people in wheelchairs to throw over their laps. Gosh, I think the idea of practicing different sts using 4 x 4 or 2 x 2 or whatever your choice, as suggested before is a wonderful idea for afghans & lapghans!! All that you do will be so appreciated :thumbsup:

I have a lot of acrylic yarn that I’d be willing to send your way if you are interested.